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HERDSA NZ Grant Scheme 2020

The HERDSA NZ Branch is thrilled to announce the following recipients of the 2020 HERDSA NZ Grant Scheme 2020

Dr Qian Liu Capturing the invisible: The use of non-institutional elearning tools and resources by undergraduate students in New Zealand universities ($1402)

Dr Linda Rowan Identifying the reflexive modes used by diverse university students in considering their values and priorities during a course of citizenship study ($2000)

About the Grant Scheme

As the HERDSA and TERNZ conferences for 2020 have been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, HERDSA New Zealand is offering up to three grants, each worth NZ$2000, to New Zealand HERDSA members. These grants are to support funding for research and/or development projects on teaching and learning in higher education that directly align to the mission of HERDSA (see https://www.herdsa.org.au/about-herdsa).  

Applications closed 31 October 2020.

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